Specialist Audio Engineering


Services Offered

Audio Engineering

Book Neil Mactaggart as Freelance audio Engineer for Corporate Presentation / Conference, Theatre or Live Music events.
We have a large list of additional freelance engineers if more than one engineer is required.


Sound Equipment Hire

We stock a wide selection of professional Radio Microphones which can be configured for Hand Held, Tie clip or Flesh coloured theatre headset.  Sennheiser  G2, G3 and Trantec 4000 systems available c/w licensing.

10 way licensed Motorola site Radio (Walkie Talkie) c/w 2  6way chargers
2way PMR446 Riggers Radios

Various PA systems from small bespoke audio reproduction suitable for churches, village halls and stately homes,  to larger 4 and 6 speaker rigs suitable for conferences and gala dinners,  through to full band systems.

Mixing consoles and recording systems from 2 to 32 inputs

Lighting Hire

A wide range of traditional theatre light in both Fresnell and profile from 300w to 2Kwatt.
A wide selection of Traditional and LED par cans
2 Kwatt and Discharge followspots
DMX and CV dimmers and control
Mains distribution

Production and Event management services.

Management experience covering Music events and Festivals, Corporate Events and Presentations as well as Exhibition.